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   Since 1972 
SKYLIGHT & SUN, INC. has been dedicated to providing intelligent and inexpensive solutions to customers who wanted to add or improve natural light in their living and working environments. A naturally-lit space is more cheerful, more healthy, and more beautiful.


 We love skylights 
and the free and abundant light they can provide. They can even provide natural ventilation and cooling. In these energy conscious times, skylights are an easy answer to soaring utility costs and dwindling natural resources.

 We are proud 
to have manufactured and distributed tens of thousands of skylights for residential and commercial projects in all fifty states and around the world. Our skylights can be found lighting up lives in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Israel, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, among others.

 We are a small company 
that takes great pride in old-fashioned customer service. Our goal is to help our customers find the right solutions for their needs. To achieve this goal we complement our line of GLASS AND ACRYLIC SKYLIGHTS with VELUX® roof windows and the new TUBULAR SKYLIGHTS. For thirty years, skylights have been our business and our only business. Skylights make life more pleasant. We make light work for you!

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